Water Meter Replacement

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Coming Soon - Water Meter Replacement Project


The City of Robbinsdale is beginning a water meter replacement project in order to replace 100% of the existing water meters. The existing meters and batteries have reached the end of their useful life and are beginning to fail. In order to continue providing a high level of customer service to residents and businesses, these meters need to be replaced.

In order to complete the work the City's contractor will require access to the water meter and must enter most homes and businesses to do this. Typically, a water meter can be replaced in less than an hour. It is necessary that someone age 18 or older be present during the entire appointment.

Residents will be contacted by the City's contractor when it is time to schedule their meter replacement.

Why is the City replacing water meters?
What is being replaced?
When will my water meter be replaced?
Who will be replacing my water meter?
Do I need to do anything before my water meter is replaced?
Will I have to pay anything to have my water meter replaced?
Will my water bill increase after the replacement?