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Traffic Enforcement

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The Robbinsdale Police Department places a great deal of emphasis on traffic enforcement in an effort to make our community safer. Without a doubt this topic is a top concern for our residents as we regularly receive complaints from people reporting aggressive or inattentive driving which put other motorists, pedestrians and our children at risk for injury. We believe strong traffic enforcement provides the following benefits to the city:

  1. Safer Roads and Highways 
    High visibility through strong enforcement improves driver awareness.  This in turn reduces the number of traffic violations and accidents on our main roadways and thoroughfares. 
  2. Safer Neighborhoods
    High visibility through strong enforcement reduces the number of crosswalk violations, stop sign violations, and speeding violations on our side streets and alleyways. This makes our neighborhoods safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and children who play near streets. 
  3. Deterrent to Other Crimes
    We believe high visibility through strong enforcement sends a message to criminals that we are active and that they may get caught. Traffic violations do give officers probable cause to make investigatory traffic stops, many of which lead to arrests for various criminal activity including narcotics and possession of stolen property.


As important as traffic enforcement is to our community, some members of the public sometimes express concern over our continued efforts when we experience spikes in crime or other quality of life issues.  In other words they wonder, understandably, why we aren’t committing all of our resources to a particular problem.  The Robbinsdale Police Department is able to multi-task during virtually any crime occurrence within the city and understands that traffic enforcement never becomes any less important to those who are directly affected by it regardless of whatever else may be occurring.  That said, although all of our patrol officers are dedicated to traffic enforcement, the department does dedicate one officer solely to this area.  This dedicated traffic officer provides us the ability to focus other patrol officers on other concerns when that becomes necessary.

Our dedicated traffic officer participates with other law enforcement agencies in the “Towards Zero Death”, “NightCap” and “Safe and Sober” campaigns, and is also part of the Hennepin County Traffic Enforcement Group.