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What to do? Moving In-Moving Out

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Whether you’re looking at homes in Robbinsdale or have just purchased one, there’s a lot to think about when planning a move. The following tips and suggestions are meant to help ease your transition.


 Before You Buy

  • Ask for the Point of Sale Inspection Report:  Robbinsdale requires a Point of Sale disclosure.

  • Check City Records on Allowable Additions/Remodeling:  Before you can remodel or build and addition, you must meet all City building permit requirements. Check City files for an “as-built” survey (Inspections Department 763-531-1268) or ask the previous property owner if such a survey exists. If the property does not meet existing setbacks from the property lines, a variance may be needed to construct the proposed improvements. Check with Community Development/Planning (763-531-1266) for more information.

  • Check City Code for Rental Restrictions:    Robbinsdale has Rental Licensing.

Also, confirm that a property marketed as a duplex or as having an auxiliary rental unit is legal – call housing inspections at 763-531-1261 for more information.

  • Check Home Occupation Restrictions:  If you work out of your home, or are considering it, check with the Community Development/Planning Department (763-531-1266) for regulations. Or read the Home Occupations definition in the Zoning Code. (definitions are in section 505)

 Moving In

  • File for Homestead Credit:  To file for the homestead classification review the information on this page of our web site

  • Update Utility Records: Call Utility Billing (763-531-1211) to make sure all account information for your address is accurate and updated. Also check to make sure that the bill for the prior owner was paid in full.

  • Check Safety/Security Issues:  Make sure your new home has functioning smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. The Fire Chief recommends a smoke detector in every bedroom. Check the batteries in smoke detectors and replace them if they are old or weak. Test smoke detectors monthly, and formulate an escape plan for your home in case of a fire. Contact the Robbinsdale Fire Department at 763-531-1233 for more information.

  • Update Vehicle and Drivers’ Licenses/Vehicle Titles: Residents who move from within the state have 30 days to update their drivers’ licenses. New Minnesota residents have 60 days to change their drivers’ licenses and vehicle license plates. The Deputy Registrar at City Hall can help you to process address changes (in-state) and help with your vehicle transfers. To make sure you receive renewal notices at your new address, call the State (651-296-6911) with all license plate numbers.

  • Update your dog and cat license(s) and check the City’s requirements for keeping pets. Licenses are issued for 2-years (on a calendar year) and require proof of rabies vaccination. More here

  • Schools:  For information on schools and school sponsored programs, check out the Robbinsdale School District Website.  or Sacred Heart School

 Moving Out

  • If You’re Moving Out:  Anywhere from two weeks to two days before closing, call the Utility Billing office at 763-531-1211 to schedule a final water meter reading. The City will forward your final bill to your new address.

  • Notice of Move form   Please notify our Assessing Department within 30 days if moving out of the City of Robbinsdale