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Zoning Ordinance

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The Zoning section of the Robbinsdale City Code provides the rules and regulations for where buildings may be built and what types of uses are allowed in the various zoning districts established by the City Council.  Scroll down to find the various sections of the Zoning Ordinance as well as the minimum lot size and flood plain information.

The zoning classification for a particular property can be found at this web site using:

  1. Legal Descriptions
  2. Zoning Map

Zoning classification can also be determined if you know the legal description of the property. Legal Descriptions are listed alphabetically for all property in a particular district except properties zoned R-1 (Single Family Residential). The property is zoned R-1 if it is not found in any other district.

The Robbinsdale Zoning Map shows zoning for all property. You will need to know the general location and the legal description of the property. The Robbinsdale Address Map may be a useful reference to find the property.

Small Cell Wireless Facility 

City of Robbinsdale Requirements for Street Light Fixtures and Poles Installed in the City Right-of-Way in Conjunction with Small Cell Wireless Facility Equipment - Small Cell Wireless Information

Minimum Lot Size and Flood Panel Information

The minimum single family lot (R-1) requirements are 50 feet wide and 6000 square feet in area. However an existing lot of record can be used for single family detached dwellings if the lot width and lot area are within 80% of the said requirements. For example a single family dwelling can be built on a 40 X 120 lot ( See Section 510.09. Lots).

There are residential properties that are in the Flood Plain requiring flood hazard insurance. Those properties affected by flood plain often are adjacent to or near water bodies, and are shown on four FEMA map panels.The Community Development Department can verify the location of these properties on the flood plain map.

The Zoning Code may be downloaded by Section. Refer to the table of contents to assist you in your selection. The pages may appear fuzzy on some monitors but print clearly.


Section 505 General Info

505.01. Title.

505.03. Purpose and intent.

505.05. Application and interpretation.

505.07. Uses.

505.09. Definitions.

 Section 510 Zoning: districts, general provisions

510.01. Districts.

510.03. Boundaries.

510.05. Uses not provided for.

510.07. Non-conforming buildings, structures and uses.

510.08.  Curing non-permitted uses and structures.

510.09. Lots.

510.11. Accessory buildings, uses and equipment. (includes standards for detached garages, sheds and exterior equipment such as air conditioning units)

510.13. Yards. (includes exceptions to required setbacks such as building overhangs, steps, decks and egress window wells)

510.15. General building requirements.

510.17. Off-street parking. (includes parking lot requirements)

510.19. Off-street loading. (includes loading dock requirements)

510.21. Land reclamation.

510.23. Building permits.

510.25. General performance standards. (Fence, landscaping and sight triangle requirements at intersections)


Section 515 Zoning: residential districts (R-1, R-2, R-3, R-B, townhouse,  cooperative and condominium development)

515.01. R-1, single family residential district.

515.03. R-2, single and two-family residential district.

515.05. R-3, medium density residential district.

515.07. R-B, residential-business district.

515.09, Townhouse, cooperative, condominium development

 Section 517 Zoning: Public Facilities District

Section 520 Zoning: commercial districts

520.01. B-1, neighborhood commercial district.

520.03. B-2, limited commercial district.

520.05. B-3, highway commercial district.

520.07. B-4, community business district.

520.09. NG, neighborhood grocery district.


Section 521 Zoning: downtown district

521.01. DD-1, downtown district

521.03 DD-2, downtown transition & transit district


Section 525 Zoning: industrial districts.

525.01. B-W, business-warehouse district.


Section 530.01 Zoning: special districts and regulated uses

530.01. Flood plain management district.


Section 530.02 Zoning: B4p

530.02 pawnbrokers, secondhand goods dealer, consignment house dealers, auction house dealers and traders district regulations

 Section 530.04  Zoning: Adult establishments
 Section 530.05  Zoning: Planned unit development

Section 530.07 Zoning: Downtown architectural guidelines

   Full Downtown Architectural Design Guidelines

   Excerpt - Signs in Downtown Architectural Design Guideline Area

Section 530.09 Zoning: TOD Overlay District

Section 535 Zoning: administration and enforcement

535.01. Conditional use permits.

535.03. Rezoning and text amendments.

535.05. Variances and appeals.

535.07. Certificate of occupancy.

535.09. Enforcement and penalties.

535.11. Use permit.

535.13. Procedures for adopting and amending the comprehensive plan.

535.15. Fees.

 Appendix A Zoning district boundaries

Legal descriptions included in each district are listed alphabetically by plat. Where possible, the street address is shown in parentheses.If the street address is inconsistent with a legal description, the legal description governs.

R1 & R2(Residential 1 & 2)

R3 Legal(Multi-family housing)

RB Legal(Residential Business)

B1 Legal(Neighborhood Commercial)

B2 Legal(Limited Commercial)

B3 Legal(Highway Commercial)

B4 Legal(Community Business)

NG Legal(Neighborhood Grocery)

DD1 Legal(Downtown District)

DD2 Legal(Downtown Transition and Transit District)

BW Legal(Business Warehouse)

FP Legal(Flood Plain)

P Legal (Public Facilities)

B4p Legal (B4p Overlay District)