Development Background and Request - REDA Meeting Memos are included on this page for reference

Pro Meals LLC has a contract for deed for the property at 4131-35 W Broadway and has requested consideration for financial assistance and renegotiation of the purchase and development agreement with Robbinsdale Economic Development Authority (REDA). The purchase of the property was originally for the Performance Meals venture.

Pro Meals notified REDA in December 2017 of the end of the agreement with Performance Meals and their intention to completely renovate the building as a new location for Pig Ate My Pizza which would be operated by Soul Brothers LLC.

In an update of the remodeling plan budget, REDA was informed that due to the poor condition of the building, an alternative of a new building was being considered. The concept was introduced at the March 10, 2018 REDA meeting as shown in before-after concept plans. As shown, the Main floor would have 2,900 sq. ft. and there would be 1,275 sq. ft. on the upper level.

A public hearing has held on April 10, 2018 introducing the proposal. Information available at the meeting was incomplete and a new public hearing was scheduled for May 8, 2018.  In an updated budget prepared for the May 8th public hearing ProMeals has refined the costs identified as extraordinary for which it seeks assistance. A summary of the business subsidy had been updated for the May 8, 2018 public hearing.The request includes a request to change the development agreement with REDA reducing the purchase price for the property and request for other assistance eligible through a Hennepin County grant.

Renegotiation of a development agreement with REDA is specifically related to site clearance and building construction financing. Business subsidy criteria review will include consistency with the Comprehensive Plan and downtown architectural guidelines.  Separate applications and review by the City of Robbinsdale would be required for consistency with zoning requirements, building permit requirements, and licensing; none of these are the subject of REDA deliberations.

REDA has a long history of investment in downtown Robbinsdale. The development site is located in Redevelopment and Tax Increment Financing District 10.

Business Subsidy Assistance Request: Public Hearing May 8, 2018 at REDA meeting which starts at 7:00 p.m.

ProMeals, LLC/Soul Brothers, LLC            Property owner/Business Operator

4131-35 West Broadway, Robbinsdale, MN

Project to redevelop site replacing 2 substandard buildings with new two-story building with full basement. 2017 site market value $387,000 – Finished site value estimated at $1.5M.

Seeks assistance from Robbinsdale Economic Development Authority, including assistance from other agencies granted through REDA, total business subsidy consideration $541,654 at May 8, 2018 hearing . [Updated 5.1.18 to include CenturyLink service relocation.] Assistance is requested to be targeted to several items, including writing down the cost of acquisition of the Property from REDA, demolition of the existing buildings, soil correction and other subgrade work for the new structure, parking lot repair and utility relocation.