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Code Enforcement

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*For questions about Code Enforcement during the COVID-19 Pandemic, call the main information line 763-537-4534.* 

The City of Robbinsdale is working towards being proactive on Code Enforcement violations, however you are encouraged to call the city with property complaints. Often times rubbish, discarded furniture or poor property maintenance can become a neighborhood nuisance. These types of complaints should be called into the code enforcement staff. 

After field verification, the offender will receive a Notice of Violation with an expected due date.  If the violation is not remedied, follow up measures including fines and clean-up costs may be assessed to the property. 

Typical complaints include:

  • Poor property maintenance
    •  Peeling paint, broken windows or debris around property
  • Junk cars
  • Parking on unapproved surfaces & grass
  • Not cleaning up after pets
  • Furniture & debris left with no solid waste stickers


During the Spring/Summer months code enforcement is busy with complaints regarding long grass, overgrown weeds and alley vegetation. Grass cannot exceed more than 8 inches long & noxious weeds must be removed. If the grass is over 8 inches long, code enforcement will tag the property with the date of offence. The owner will have 7 days to comply with cutting grass, pulling weeds or maintaining alley vegetation. If this is not addressed within the window of time, the city will remedy the situation and labor and fees will be charged to your utility bill.

Click here to learn more about Alley Vegetation standards. 

Please see the Utility Billing page of the website for Solid Waste sticker information.

Nuisance code violations are listed in several different city code sections.

Contact Us to make a complaint.