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City Council Review Process

August 1, 2016 the first steps were taken related to the redevelopment of the Terrace Mall site:

  • Public Hearing Considering Vacation of West Broadway. Hearing will be held at this meeting as well as 1st reading of the ordinance.
    • Should West Broadway frontage road be combined into the development parking lot? Should it be vacated, licensed, something else?
  • General site elements - Preliminary Plat/Variance/Planned Unit Development 
    • Are all of the required elements covered in the new plat? lighting, drainage, grading, access points 
    • How do new lot lines impact buildings proposed to remain? 
    • Should the curb cut onto CR81 be large enough for one lane in and 2 lanes out (right and left turns)? Requires a variance for curb cut greater than 35 feet.
    • If the curb cut onto 36th Ave N is changed from a public street to a private site entry, can it continue to be a curb cut greater than 35 feet. This requires a variance.
    • Should the 2 buildings be on 2 separate parcels or is it ok as a planned unit development?
  • Proposed Uses: Grocery - Supermarket (including bakery, deli, flower shop, pharmacy, ...), Clinic, Liquor Store, Convenience Store, Gas Station, Restaurant, Seasonal garden center, Exterior displays, Drive-thru pick-ups
    • Permitted uses (do not require city approval) : Supermarket (including grocery, bakery, deli, flower shop, pharmacy, clothing store, etc.), Medical Clinic, Liquor Store (provided that it is city owned and operated)
    • Conditional Uses -permitted if they meet requirements listed in city code and other requirements related to the effect of such use on the general welfare, public health, and safety.
      • Gas Station
      • Drive-Thru Service (proposed for pharmacy and coffee shop portion of convenience store
      • Exterior Display/Sales (seasonal garden center, restaurant patio, exterior displays at grocery and convenience store.

On August 1st, the City Council also approved an amendment and restatement of the resolution approving application for DEED clean up funds adopted April 19, 2016. The resolution inadvertently did not include language required by DEED.

On August 23nd, the City Council held the public hearing on the vacation of the part of West Broadway north of 35th Ave and connecting to 36th Ave and tabled action on second reading.  The City Council also held the public hearing and approved establishment of a Redevelopment Project No. 12 and Tax Increment Project No. 12.  More information on the Tax Increment Financing for the project can be found at About Terrace - TIF.  Finally the City Council approved a resolution approving demolition of the Terrace Theater building on the Terrace Mall site.  The request for demolition of the rest of the Terrace Mall property will be considered as part of the Hy-Vee - Terrace Mall - Sale and next steps.

Second reading on the ordinance to vacate West Broadway including the connection to 36th Avenue was delayed until Hy-Vee advanced work on the final plat.  Second reading was held and approved on October 18th, 2016 along with the final plat of Robbinsdale Mall 2nd Addition.  The first ordinance vacated a portion of the right of way at the time of recording of the Robbinsdale Mall 2nd Addition Plat and delayed vacation of the remainder of the right-of-way until such time as the adjacent properties acquire fee title to the underlying property.

The City Council also needs to approve a liquor license for the proposed Hy-Vee restaurant and consider relocation of the municipal liquor store. These discussions can be found at Hy-Vee - Terrace Mall - Sale and next steps