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When the City of Robbinsdale enforces the Property Maintenance Code

  • if we drive by your home and your shingles are showing wear, it is your property and your responsibility.
  • if we drive by your home and it is obvious that the roof is leaking and it is rental property, we will inspect the property and if the roof is leaking, we will require you to fix it or you have to stop renting the property. If you live in the property, and there aren't signs that could be life/health/safety problems, the city will not come into your home to inspect.
  • if we drive by your home and there is obvious damage to the roof, we may require an inspection to determine if the condition of the property has life/health/safety issues.
  • if the building is uninhabitable, we will post the building and no one can live in it until it's fixed.
  • if the building is abandoned and deteriorating, no one is paying property taxes, there is no mortgage being foreclosed so that some entity will be responsible for the building, the city and county may go to court to shorten the period of time before the property is tax forfeit.  If the property taxes are being paid, this is not an option.
  • if the building is deteriorating to the point that the property is structurally hazardous, the city can go to court and try to get an order for the owner to either repair the property or the city would have the right to tear the building down and assess the cost to the property taxes..

Similar regulations apply to commercial buildings. The terrace theater windows had to be boarded when there was broken glass. The owner boarded up all of the windows. People were getting into the building and the city required the doors to be secured and regular security inspections.  There are signs that the roof is leaking and the owner would not be allowed to operate the building until the conditions inside the building are fixed.

The city cannot take a property away from an owner who is not maintaining it.  The terrace theater building is not being used, the property taxes are being paid, and it has not been declared structurally hazardous.