In observance of the 4th of July holiday, Robbinsdale City Hall and Deputy Registrars Office will be closed Friday, July 3rd. Offices will reopen Monday, July 6th at 8:00 a.m.

Planning Commission Public Hearing Process

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The presentation starts with the opening of the public hearing. Staff will provide an overview on the report and how the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, etc. address the various components. The applicant has the opportunity to provide a brief presentation and answer questions from the Planning Commission. Once the Planning Commission has asked all of its questions of staff and the applicant, the chair will open the public hearing. Each person steps to the podium and states their name and address for the record and each has 3 minutes to address the Commission.

The Planning Commission provides a recommendation to the City Council about the redevelopment proposal based on the Comprehensive Plan designation for the site, zoning regulations for the site, and requirements of the subdivision ordinance.

When the Planning Commission looks at a preliminary plat, they are to consider the report and recommendation from staff and may ask for additional information from the applicant. Plat review by the Planning Commission is generally looking at how the plat dimensions line up with the zoning standards.

Written comments that come in to city hall through the close of business on Thursday will be distributed to the Planning Commission at the meeting or prior to the meeting to allow them time to read what been submitted. Usually, an early step in the public hearing is to accept the packet of written comments for the record.

If there are a large number of people wishing to speak, the chair may give the first opportunity to Robbinsdale residents and property owners.

Each person is limited to 3 minutes to address the Planning Commission on the land use elements of the redevelopment proposal (refer to the public hearing notice). If one person is speaking on behalf of a group, that person can request additional time (this is at the discretion of the Commission and usually is not more than 10-15 minutes). If the comments at the meeting are repetitive or not related to the issues being reviewed by the Planning Commission, the chair has discretion to ask people is anyone has anything new to contribute to the related items outlined in the public hearing notice. The chair may also provide an opportunity to first hear from residents. Questions will be answered once everyone has asked all questions. Staff and/or the applicant will provide answers to each of the relevant questions asked. There may be additional time if people have new questions raised by the answers provided.

At that point the public hearing portion of the meeting is closed and the Planning Commissioners discuss the proposal and formulate a recommendation. They may ask questions of staff and/or the applicant for clarification. Once the public hearing portion of the meeting is closed, no additional comments will be taken from the public at the Planning Commission meeting.

The recommendation will be in the form of a motion. The staff report includes a suggested outline of findings of facts and conditions -- the Planning Commission has the discretion to edit or add to this based on information received at the public hearing.

The Planning Commission report, minutes, and recommendations become part of the report to the City Council including any written correspondence received as part of the public hearing.