Snow Emergency Hotline - 763-531-1275.

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City of Robbinsdale Phone Numbers

Main Switchboard

City Hall Fax Machine 763-537-7344
Police Fax Machine 763-536-1383
Utility Billing Fax Machine 763-531-1213
Administration - confidential fax 763-531-1291

Administration 763-531-1253
Assessing 763-531-1217

City Forestry Department
Mon thru Fri 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Code Enforcement
To speak with someone regarding Code Enforcement issues or Complaints or Concerns.
763-531-1267 or 763-531-1261

Fax: 763-537-7344

Community Development
(Housing, Zoning, Development Regulations)
763-531-1269 or 763-531-1266

Construction Permits
For information regarding General Building Construction, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Plumbing, Mechanical, Water/Sewer, Street Excavation, Signs, Dumpsters, Portable Storage Units, etc. and/or Contractor Licensing. Or to schedule construction related inspection.


Deputy Registrar(Vehicle tabs, vehicle titles, hunting/fishing licenses, passports) 763-535-8133

For information regarding Roads, Utilities, and Street Construction Projects.
763-531-1268 or 763-531-1263


Fire Department 763-233-5650

Parks 763-531-1204 or 763-531-1202
Point Of Sale Information
  General Information
763-531-1269, 763-531-1266
  To schedule an inspection after
   point of sale “Repair/Replace”
   items are completed;

Police Department

763-531-1220 Business Hours M-F 7am-7:30pm (option to leave after hours voicemail)

911 - To contact an officer in the field or after hours.

Public Works/Utility Issues 763-531-1202

Recreation Services including Picnic Shelter Reservation 763-531-1278

Rental Housing and Licensing
For information regarding Rental Licensing or to schedule a Rental Inspection.
763-531-1267 or 763-531-1261


Utility Billing

Waste Management - missed pick up call within 24 hours 952-890-1100