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Work Session with City Council and Planning Commissioners

Tuesday, October 16 at 6pm at City Hall the facilitators will present the results of the summer workshop and the guidelines formulated through the process. 

The guideline document has been shared with the participants in the process along with an invitation to the workshop. The Final Report and Final Guidelines documents can be found on this page in the resources box under Workshop 4

Final Workshop - August 22nd - 6 to 8pm at City Hall

Did you participate in the discussion?

On August 22nd we reviewed a draft of the guidelines and worked with a facilitator to reach agreement on guidelines to be presented as the community recommendation to the City Council.  The Council work session has been scheduled for October 16 at 6pm at City Hall

Citizens helped to identify guidelines for the future developments in the light rail station area. The guidelines will become part of a packet to developers interested in developing the site as light rail moves forward.

In addition to the 400 space park and ride ramp which would be constructed with the light rail project, recommendations are coming together on development which would enhance the area and complement existing businesses, create safe and inviting pedestrian connections to West Broadway and in the station area, maintain visual connections between the station and the downtown, and assure quality design elements which embrace and reflect the community.

Previous workshops:

At the 3rd workshop on August 1st, a panel of 6 developers complimented the community members on their engagement in the process and help in identifying important considerations in what will become a community asset.  Their feedback will be added here.

The discussion between community members and the panel provided a better understanding of the development potential and challenges of the site, and how to achieve community goals that can result from new investment.   The panel included:

  • Sarah Larson, Landon Group
  • Mark Laverty, Saturday Properties
  • Peter Remes, First & First
  • Chris Velasco, PLACE
  • Miranda Walker, Aeon
  • Chris Wilson, Project for Pride in Living (PPL)

They provided feedback on the scenarios that the community teams had envisioned and answered community questions about commercial opportunities, housing components, open spaces as well as how the community attracts developers to a site.  They encouraged us to widen the circle and invite more people to the process as we form a consensus on what is important to Robbinsdale for this site.

At the 2nd workshop on July 18th the community participants explored a variety of development scenarios for the Robbinsdale LRT Station Area site through a block exercise/charrette. Here are their concepts

  The site is required to include a 400 space parking ramp to accommodate the transit stop, plus additional parking to accommodate other uses at the site such as residential, office or commercial space.  In addition, the site includes a repurposed fire station, known as Hubbard Marketplace, which is currently vacant.  The question of the future of that building is part of the exercise. The site offers a critical gateway to the City of Robbinsdale, calling out the importance of site-lines and arriving at a destination.

What did people talk about at the 1st workshop?

  • What makes the area interesting or unique?

  • What could be accomplished through development that would improve/enhance the area?

  • What concerns for the area do you have?

  • Are there specific types of uses that the sites could accommodate?

  • What Additional information would you like for the next meeting?

    -Information provided on this page in the Resources Box.

Here's what the small groups reported:  Robbinsdale_CDI Small group discussion

Here's what people thought about the first workshop - detailed results in resource box.CDI Robbinsdale Eval Session 1 Results_Page_1

Here's what people thought about the 2nd workshop

cdi table wkshop 2


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