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Exploring Downtown Zoning Concepts & Connectivity

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DD1-downtown mainstreet protection; DD2-future higher density around downtown

Hennepin County Community Works is assisting cities along the planned METRO Blue Line Extension to review their zoning standards in the station areas in order to be ready for development proposals. Funding for the consultants working on this project is through a grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

The Robbinsdale station is to be located in the railroad right-of-way between 41st Ave. N. and 42nd Ave. N., just west of Robbinsdale's traditional downtown main street. The city designated the two block downtown area DD-1 (Downtown District zoning) in 2000 where development is to blend with the existing small businesses and promote pedestrian interactions. The area west of Hubbard is designated DD-2 expecting that the park and ride structure and higher density development would occur in this area.

The consultants met with businesses, potential developers, and city staff to gain a better understanding of the downtown area and how development pressure could impact the area. Station Area Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concepts were developed suggesting protection of the lower heights in DD-1, expecting taller buildings in a larger area around DD-1, and continuing to reinforce the pedestrian connections throughout the entire area. In the concept, DD-1 would guide new development to remain one to two stories. DD-2 zoning would be a larger ring from just north of Elim Lutheran Church and Sacred Heart Catholic Church, railroad on the west, Lake Road on the east, and 43rd Ave. N. on the north. DD-2 would be expected to have taller buildings with height limits reflecting the width of the adjacent right-of-way.

On March 15th, the City of Robbinsdale and Hennepin County Community Works held a community workshop with Robbinsdale residents and business owners. The workshop had 2 parts - TOD concepts and Connectivity for pedestrians and bicycles to and around the station area.

In the first part of the workshop there was a presentation of the proposed TOD concepts. The team gathered questions, comments and ideas. Over 25 residents and business-owners participated in an exercise following the presentation. Copies of the presentations from Perkins + Will and Hennepin County are included below.

3-15-18 Bottineau Corridor LRT Hennepin County Community Works Presentation

3-15-18 Perkins and Will TOD Zoning slides

The 2nd part of the workshop solicited feedback for what pedestrian and bicycle connections worked, didn't work and any ideas people had seen in other places that they think could work in Robbinsdale. Participation in this Bottineau Community Works Connectivity Project continues with two online survey tools have been developed by to help gain feedback to improve pedestrian, bicycle and shared mobility usage along the proposed Blue Line Extension LRT Corridor. The links below provide ways that you can participate in a survey or map your routes and problem areas on a wikimap.



The information gathered on the zoning concepts will be used in a presentation to the City Council and Planning Commission scheduled for April 17, 2018 after the City Council meeting which starts at 7 pm.  Information on pedestrian and bicycle connectivity will be used to prioritize county funding.