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About Transient Sales and Canvassers

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Regulation of door-to-door visits from a variety of merchants, political candidates, petition drives, and other unexpected visitors raises a lot of questions. Some door-to-door activities are legally protected c ommerce and speech. The city requires all types of door-to-door activities to register and provides a list of registered entities on the website. 

City Code Section 1120 describes the different types of  Door-to-Door sales and advocacy and requirements for each category:

  • Peddler - sales of items and services immediately provided to the customer. Peddlers, which conclude the transaction on-the-spot, are required to be licensed including background checks and liability insurance. Licenses are required to be carried and exhibited on request. This includes both door-to door sales and sales at a temporary fixed location (example-food truck). Licenses can be revoked for violation of requirements.
  • Solicitor - orders for items or services for future delivery. Anything more than registration has been found to be unlawful restraint on commerce. Solicitors are issued proof of registration.
  • Canvasser - providing information eliciting support for a cause or candidate. Registration has been upheld as a way to protect the public without impinging on constitutional rights. Canvassers are issued proof of registration.

All door-to-door activities are restricted to 9 am to 8 pm. Renewal of peddler license is required annually. Solicitors and canvassers are to register for each campaign. Listings of active licenses and registrations are listed on the city clerk license page.

A Solicitor or Canvasser may be issued a citation for violating city code. This does not prohibit continuation of legitimate soliciting of sales or canvassing for support.