City Of Robbinsdale Inside City Offices
Inside City Offices

Robbinsdale's City Offices are designed to provide services to our residents and local businesses. Our 75 full-time employees, 25 part-time employees, fire department and police reserves serve the needs of our citizens and visitors.

Learn more about the services provided by exploring information linked to this page.

Administration - includes information about the
City Council, human resources, elections and business licensing, and general government services. 

Assessing - includes information about the proces for setting property values and filing for homestead status

Community Development - includes information about zoning, comprehensive planning, code enforcement, housing programs, redevelopment and downtown development. This section also includes solid waste collection including recycling and the holiday schedule.

Finance - includes information about budgets, annual audit, special assessments and utility billing. 

Parks & Recreation - includes information about city parks, recreation opportunities and the city band.

Forestry - includes information about tree care and valuable links to other information resources available on the Internet.

Public Safety - includes information about the police and fire departments.

Public Works - includes maintenance operations for City streets & parks, and operation of the City's water/sewer system.                   
Engineering - includes information about capital improvement programs.

Municipal Liquor Store - The City has an off-sale liquor store - Robbinsdale Wine & Spirits, located in Robin Center near the post office. Profits from this operation are used for capital equipment purchase in the City Parks.

Deputy Registrar Office - The City operates a Deputy Registrar office which sells motor vehicle license plates & tabs, hunting & fishing licenses, passports, and more.

Employment - includes information about current positions available in the Robbinsdale City Offices.  This section also includes Employment Application Forms.  Applications are only accepted for current openings.


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