City Of Robbinsdale Inside City Offices
Inside City Offices

Robbinsdale's City Offices are designed to provide services to our residents and local businesses. Our 75 full-time employees, 25 part-time employees, fire department and police reserves serve the needs of our citizens and visitors.

Learn more about the services provided by exploring information linked to this page.

Administration - includes information about the
City Council, finance, assessing, human resources, elections and licensing, and general government services. This section also includes utility billing and solid waste collection information including the holiday schedule.

Community Development - includes information about zoning, comprehensive planning, code enforcement, housing programs, redevelopment and downtown development.

Parks & Recreation - includes information about city parks, recreation opportunities and the city band.

Forestry - includes information about tree care and valuable links to other information resources available on the Internet.

Public Safety - includes information about the police and fire departments.

Public Works - includes maintenance operations for City streets & parks, and operation of the City's water/sewer system.                   
Engineering - includes information about capital improvement programs.

Municipal Liquor Store - The City has an off-sale liquor store - Robbinsdale Wine & Spirits, located in Robin Center near the post office. Profits from this operation are used for capital equipment purchase in the City Parks.

Deputy Registrar Office - The City operates a Deputy Registrar office which sells motor vehicle license plates & tabs, hunting & fishing licenses, passports, and more.

Employment - includes information about current positions available in the Robbinsdale City Offices.  This section also includes Employment Application Forms.  Applications are only accepted for current openings.


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