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The City of Robbinsdale was established on April 19, 1893 with a geographical area of 2.9 square miles. This was a transition from the Village of Crystal, a 4 square mile which had been incorporated under a special act of the legislature in the fall of 1886 to avoid annexation to Minneapolis.   The City Charter was adopted in 1949.

The City is named after Andrew B. Robbins who had purchased ninety acres indending to make it the site of a suburban town.

Robbinsdale's annual celebration "Whiz Bang Days" held on the 2nd weekend in July, pays tribute to Captain Billy's Whiz Bang" books published by Fawcett Publications.

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The Robbinsdale Historical Society maintains an historical museum within the original library building at 4915 42nd Avenue North. The building itself is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Books on Robbinsdale History are available at City Hall and at the museum.


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