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2.11.19 Water System Info Boards

Updated on 02/11/2019 1:09 PM

Displays created for Water System Open House Related to Plans for New Water Plant and Planning For Water

Published November 2018


The provision of robust and reliable drinking water infrastructure is essential for the wellbeing of the community. As components of this system begin to age, it is prudent to plan for and ultimately replace these elements in a timely fashion. Some of the existing City's water supply components date from original installation in the mid 1920's. While the street reconstruction program includes replacement of the distribution pipework; the wells, plants, tanks and towers also require consideration. At the end of 2017, City Council approved the performing of a Feasibility Report to investigate the actions considered necessary to carry the functions of these critical elements into the future.

A previous report on the findings of the feasibility was presented to the City Council at its meeting on May 1st 2018.  At that time, the City Council received and generally accepted the findings and recommendations of the report subject to receipt of final edits, but also had additional questions about the options available relating to Tower 1. A Work Session with City Council on October 16th reviewed additional information and briefly discussed implications of these various options available. Council Members have ongoing opportunity to consider these options independent of the progress of the Water Treatment Plant. This report will not debate the issues associated with Tower 1.

In addition to providing the additional information relating to the Tower, Council was also informed that the application to the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA) to be placed on the 2019 Intended Use Plan (IUP) for the Drinking Water Revolving Fund Loan for construction of the new Water Treatment Facility and associated infrastructure has been successful. Consequently, the City is eligible for low interest funds to assist with the substantial cost of the new facilities.

Next Steps

In order to move forward with this project, the next stage will involve the engagement of a suitable professional firm to perform the design for the infrastructure being sought. It is also considered prudent to continue with the same consultant through the bidding, awarding, construction inspection and commissioning stages of the plant and associated infrastructure.

At this stage, the new plant, new wells and decommissioning of the replaced infrastructure will be included in the services being sought. Any work associated with the replacement of Tower 1 will not be sought until that issue has been thoroughly considered by City Council and an agreed direction established.

Consequently, at this time, staff is seeking the following actions -

Reaffirmation of the recommendations contained within the Feasibility Report as they relate to the provision of a New Centralized Water Treatment Plant, provision of new Drinking Water Wells and the staged decommissioning of the infrastructure these new facilities are replacing.

Acknowledgement that the new Treatment Plant / Drinking Water Well construction has been included in the list of projects eligible for low interest funding through the Drinking Water Revolving Fund.

Direction to staff to proceed with preparing an RFP and seeking professional costs for design bidding, awarding, construction inspection services and commissioning for the proposed New Centralized Water Treatment Plant including the provision of replacement Drinking Water Wells, and details associated with the decommissioning of the replaced infrastructure.