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Utility Billing - including current rates, e-utility Billing

Solid Waste Information     Yard Waste Information  Storm Debris

Solid Waste Sticker Information

Recycling Program information

Map of Solid Waste Pickup Days (PDF Format)

Calendar: Recycling Schedule & Holiday Pick up Schedule (pdf)
(requires Adobe Reader)

Getting rid of Old Prescription Medicine

How to Dispose of Needles, Syringes and Sharps
(Do not recycle)

Drop off site for Electronics - Location and hours lower right on the link

Battery Recycling Information (there is a drop off in City Hall)

Hennepin County's Website on Problem Waste Disposal

Sign up to receive Hennepin County "Green Notes" 

Automatic Utility Payment Plan Authorization Form (pdf)             (requires Adobe Reader)

The City utilities are billed bimonthly. Customers may remit Monthly Utility Payments (to help with budgeting) - just submit payment along with this form: Monthly Utility Payment Form (pdf)      (requires Adobe Reader)

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form (pdf)


Utility Billing

The City of Robbinsdale provides water, sanitary and storm sewer drainage, garbage service, and recycling services for its residents. Robbinsdale has a comprehensive program for garbage and recycling pick-up designed to reduce the waste collected in area landfills and to provide affordable collection based on volume. The City bills every other month for residential services.

Required Conservation Rates:

State law effective January 1, 2010, requires metropolitan area public water utilities to implement residential and commercial rate structures that encourage conservation.  A conservation rate structure is one that provides households with a financial incentive to use less water. The City of Robbinsdale's 2010 Utility new tiered rates for water consumption are listed below.

Water Conservation Tips

2015 Utility Rates
   Download copy of 2015 Utility Rates
Service Monthly Rates (for comparison) For 2 months (current billing)
Water Service - pays for maintenance and replacement of mains $4.58 $9.16
Water use (for two months) - Pays for pumping and treating the water. Tiered Rates for promotion of water conservation
The first 12,000 gallons $2.71 per 1,000 gallons
usage from 12,001-26,000 gals $3.64 per 1,000 gallons
usage from 26,001-40,000 gals $4.72 per 1,000 gallons
usage over 40,000 $6.91 per 1,000 gallons

Average home in Robbinsdale uses 13,000 gallons for two
months in the winter.

Water Capital Surcharge - Saving for well repairs, water tower replacement, etc. $0.51 per 1,000 gallons
Irrigation usage - Pays for pumping and treating the water (Commercial and Homeowner Associations)
The first 20,000 gallons (or as set for townhome association) $4.72 per 1,000 gallons
Usage over 20,000 gallons $6.91 per 1,000 gallons
Note: Residential Homeowner Asociations include a multiplier to the tier ranges for the number of residential units.
Sanitary Sewer Service - Pays for maintenance and replacement of mains and lift stations. $6.78 $13.56
Sanitary Sewer - Based on the average winter water consumption. If actual use is less than winter average, you will be charged for actual use. $3.92 per 1,000 gallons 
Storm Sewer - Includes effort to remove contaminants from storm run off (Residential) $8.42 $16.84
32 gallon, including taxes and recycling credit $23.67 $47.34
64 gallon, including taxes and recycling credit $26.80 $53.60
96 gallon, including taxes and recycling credit $30.15 $60.30
Need a 2nd Garbage Cart?

Monthly Cost
Added to Bill

Extra 32 gallon container $9.72 $19.44
Extra 64 gallon container $11.82 $23.64
Extra 96 gallon container $13.66 $27.32
Questions?   Call the utility billing department at 763-531-1211
Water Meters
Meters are read monthly by an automated radio read system. The radio read system was installed in 1997, and provides the City with accurate readings, allowing for proper charging of all customers.
Solid Waste Service (Garbage)

All residents are required to use the City's solid waste service. Weekly collection includes garbage, recycling, yard waste (April - November) and appliances. Each residence may select the size of garbage container they need for weekly garbage collection. Items to be collected must be placed near the curb or alley by 6:00 a.m. on the designated pick-up day. For more information regarding solid waste, please call City Hall (763) 531-1211.


Click here for information about Electronics Recycling.

Solid Waste Information:                                 

HOLIDAYS: Solid waste collection is delayed one day if the following holidays occur Monday through Friday: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Three standard sizes of garbage containers are available (32, 64, or 96 gallon). One container is provided for each residential unit unless over 96 gallons of garbage collection is requested.

For missed garbage pick-up, please call Waste Management within 24 hours at (952) 890-1100.

Disposal of Appliances and Furniture items require the attachment of Solid Waste Stickers. 1-Unit stickers are $1.50 and 5-Unit stickers are $7.50. They can be purchased at City Hall, 4100 Lakeview Avenue North, or by calling (763) 531-1211 to have them charged to your utility bill and then mailed out to you,

Sticker Requirements are as follows:

1 Sticker:
Bag box bundle or item under 30 pounds which is beyond what garbage cart will hold
5 Stickers:
Non-appliance items
(small furniture, twin or full mattress, twin or full box spring, window, door or sink)
10 Stickers:
Non-appliance items
(large furniture - sofa / loveseat, recliner, queen or king mattress, queen or king box spring, water softener, bathtub)
25 Stickers:
(stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, water heater, microwave, dehumidifier, furnace, trash compactor,  window A/C, refrigerator, freezer)

For Non-Appliances, simply place the appropriate number of stickers on the item and set it out on your designated garbage day.

To have an appliance picked up, please call Waste Management at (952) 890-1100.


Yard Waste Disposal
Waste Management provides yardwaste collection services to our residents as part of their contract. The pick up dates typically range from April 15 through November 15.  However, due to uncertainties with the weather, these dates are subject to change. Please plan ahead as much as possible when doing your yardwork. Once Waste Management discontinues collection for the season it is your responsibility to get rid of yardwaste or move it away from city right-of-ways until spring. Maple Grove's Yardwaste disposal site accepts materials for a fee. 
REMINDER: state law requires use of COMPOSTABLE bags for yard waste collection. Click HERE for  information on bags which are permitted.  
Compost: Grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, pine cones, acorns, small hedge shavings, twigs under 1/2 inch in diameter and under 3 inches long, weeds, flowers, and garden waste should be bagged (under 30 pounds in compostable bags).  No limit on small yard waste and no stickers required. You can also use a galvanized or 'Rubbermaid-type' container with a lid for compost disposal. Contents cannot weigh more than 40 pounds. The can must have a sign which clearly reads "Compost" or pick up a "Yardwaste only" sticker provided by Waste Management at City Hall.  If you have multiple yard waste cans- only one sign is needed. Yardwaste bags and cans must be placed 5 feet from garbage/recycling carts. 


Branches: Brush, hedge clippings and branches must be bundled and are collected by the yardwaste truck from mid-April through mid-November. Branches must be under 3 inches in diameter and under 5 feet in length, bundles of branches must weigh under 30 pounds.  Larger debris cannot be picked up even if split to smaller diameter as these are too dense and would damage the compacter in the truck.  Stickers are not required.  For larger branches, limbs and trunks, contact a tree service or contact Maple Grove's Yardwaste disposal site for drop-off charges and instructions.

Storm Debris Reminders: Ciity crews first priority is opening roads and alleys. Public tree debris (boulevard and park trees) will be initially pushed aside to clear roads and then cleared with priorities to roads and alleys over sidewalks.

Private trees belong to homeowners. Homeowners are responsible for storm damage to their trees in the same way as they are responsible for storm damage to their homes. The city's yardwaste hauler, Waste Management, will take branches under 3 inches in diameter, under 5 feet in length, bundled.  They pick up the yardwaste using a garbage truck. The bundles can't be longer than 5 feet so that they can safely be loaded by hand into the back of the garbage truck. It can't be over 3 inches in diameter and it can't be logs split down to 3 inches as these would cause damage to the compactor on the garbage truck.

Larger tree debris needs to be removed by private contractors or taken to tree waste disposal sites-  there are fees charged at disposal sites. Robbinsdale's yardwaste pick up is curb-side for residents; Robbinsdale does not pay for drop-off sites.

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