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About Robbinsdale

Robbinsdale, Minnesota is a city of about 14,000 people located next to the northwest corner of Minneapolis. (13,953 at the 2010 census) The City is over 100 years old and has maintained its small town feel - part of our Mission Statement

The city is governed by the Robbinsdale City Council made up of a Mayor and 4 Council Members. Each Council Member represents a specific area ("Ward") of the city. The City Council formulates the city policy. The City Manager is responsible for city administration.

Robbinsdale is in State Senatorial District 45 - Senator Ann Rest; State Representative District 45B - Representative Mike Freiberg; 5th US Congressional District- Representative Keith Ellison; and is represented by Hennepin County Commissioner Mike Opat.

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arrow.gif (54 bytes) City Water hardness and iron content
24 grains
.02 ppm iron after water is treated
More info on city water in the annual report (below)
arrow.gif (54 bytes) Lawn Watering Restrictions: In order to preserve our natural resources, Robbinsdale prohibits watering from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  During this time most of the water evaporates.  Exceptions to this restriction are new sod and spot watering of gardens.
Links to City Services:
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Billing information: City Utilities: Water, Sewer, Garbage
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Information about Solid Waste Collection and Stickers
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Limb disposal Maple Grove's Yardwaste disposal site
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    FAQs about Special Assessments
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    City Newsletter & Recreation Brochure
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    City Clerk Licensing
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Homeowners "News Notes"  -  upcoming events, timely         garbage service, and garden tips.
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Building Permits and Fees
arrow.gif (54 bytes)   City Park Facilities
Help Contacting People:
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Who are and how to contact the City Council
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    How do I contact Robbinsdale Schools
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Who are city advisory commission representatives
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    How do I contact my State Senator
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    How do I contact my State Representative
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    How do I contact City Staff
Help Finding Places
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Map of Robbinsdale Showing City Parks
arrow.gif (54 bytes)   Bikeway/Walkway Map - present and planned
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Find an Address in Robbinsdale
arrow.gif (54 bytes)   Election Information
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Links to businesses in the city "Hometown Businesses"
City Documents (download)
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Robbinsdale City Charter
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Robbinsdale City Code
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Comprehensive Plan
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Robbinsdale Zoning Ordinance
Other useful information:
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Local Newspaper
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    Tell me more about Robbinsdale's History
arrow.gif (54 bytes)    2014 Annual Water Quality Report

Utility Bill Rates 2015
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